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Item Title Type Subject Description Creator Date Property Name Street Pages Medium Condition
3484Lease: J. H. Branscom to Dexter BlagdenDocument, LegalJames H. Branscom19192Lease
3483Lease: Ansel L. Manchester to Alexander R. ChestonDocument, LegalAnsel L. Manchester19192Lease
3482Lease: F. I. Phillips to Alfred NorrisDocument, LegalFrederick Illsley Phillips19192Lease
3481Lease: Anna Bell Reed to Walter DouglasDocument, LegalAnna Bell Reed19192Lease
3480Sub-lease: Annie R. Gilbert to Florence V. BurdenDocument, LegalAnnie R. Gilbert19193Lease
3479Lease: Ansel L. Manchester to Charles W. StorkDocument, LegalAnsel L. Manchester19192Lease
3478Lease; Alice A. Havemeyer to Frank H. MossDocument, LegalAlice A. Havemeyer19192Lease
3477Lease: William S. Grant to Mortimer L. SchiffDocument, LegalWilliam S. Grant19192Lease
3476Lease: Charles N. Small to Sibyl B. WrightDocument, LegalCharles N. Small19192Lease
3475Lease: Everett W. Ober to Wyllys TerryDocument, LegalE. W. Ober19192Lease
3474Lease: Albert K. McBride to George C. MasonDocument, LegalAlbert K. McBride1921Lease
3473Lease: Belle S. Knowles to J. Andrews Harris Jr.Document, LegalBelle Smallidge Knowles19142Lease
3472Lease: Helen B. Graves to Mary de P. CareyDocument, LegalHelen B. Graves19152Lease
3471Lease: Howard C. Frazier to Edward M. JefferysDocument, LegalHoward C. Frazier19142Lease
3470Lease: Danforth J. Manchester to Henry H. CabottDocument, LegalDanforth J. Manchester19142Lease
3469Lease: Annie F. Hodgdon to Anna Scott FarnumDocument, LegalAnnie F. Hodgdon19212Lease
3468Lease: Ansel L. Manchester to Jacob S. DisstonDocument, LegalAnsel L. Manchester19142Lease
3467Lease: Catherine N. Harrison to J. Norman HenryDocument, LegalCatherine N. Harrison19152Lease
3466Sub-lease: Juliana Wood to H. A. LambDocument, LegalJuliana Wood was an early Librarian at the Northeast Harbor Library and Reading Room on South Shore Road.Juliana Wood19152Lease
Juliana Wood was an early Librarian at the Northeast Harbor Library and Reading Room on South Shore Road.
3465Lease: Jacob S. Disston to Emily Swift SpackmanDocument, LegalJacob S. Disston19152Lease
3464Life of Belle Smallidge Knowles.Document, LegalA descriptive biography by the subject's granddaughterKathryn F. Knowles195230Thesis
A descriptive biography by the subject's granddaughter
3463Letter: Belle Smallidge Knowles to Mrs. HeckscherDocument, LegalRegarding cottage as ready for winterBelle Smallidge Knowles19041Letter
Regarding cottage as ready for winter
3462Letter: Austin Heckscher to Belle Smallidge KnowlesDocument, LegalRegarding letters receivedAustin Heckscher19041Letter
Regarding letters received
3461Letter: Belle Smallidge Knowles to Mrs. Richard HeckscherDocument, LegalRegarding Mrs. Dale and room furnishingsBelle Smallidge Knowles19041Letter
Regarding Mrs. Dale and room furnishings
3460Lease: Georgina A. Tracy to C. B. BrewsterDocument, LegalGeorgia A. Tracy1914Lease