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Books and Souvenir Booklets
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Maps, Blueprints
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Acadia National Park
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Glimpses of Camden, Maine, 1904, J. R. Prescott, 28 pages
Glimpses of Camden On the Coast of Maine, 1916, John R. Prescott, 1 volume (unpaged): all illustrations
A Souvenir of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island, Maine, 190?, W. H. Sherman, 68 pages : chiefly illustrations
Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island, 1888, William Berry Lapham, 72 pages: illustrations
unidentified book about Maine homes and churches in the early days, commentary about home design, coastal living, farming, and general livelihood. 32 pages missing covers.
The Summer State of Maine, Holman D Waldron and Harry D Young, ca. 1893, Tourist booklet in the shape of the state of Maine; cover illustration is map of Maine, 24 pages
Looking at Katahdin, the artists' inspiration, booklet about exhibit at L.C. Bates Museum, 1999
Maine, the sesquicentennial of statehood, exhibition in the Library of Congress, 1970-1971, booklet.
"The Maine I Remember" by Sidney Urquhast, article from Vogue Magazine, August 2000. Includes a photo of Walter Damrosch (Sidney's grandfather). Northeast Harbor Port Directory, 1993
A Map of Mount Desert Island, Issued by the Mt. Desert Chamber of Commerce, 1940, color illustrations and descriptive text on verso
The Maine Art Museum Trail, map and brochure listing museums around Maine,
Blueprint with first and second floor plans for George S. Talcott house at Seal Harbor, ME, Clayton B. Roath, undated
Map of Seal Harbor
Architectural Drawing: blueprints of “Cedar Cliff”, house of G. L. Stebbins, Seal Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park Maine: A scenic wonderland of ocean, lakes and mountains, 1930?, 14, [1] pages : illustrations, maps
Sculpture Tour Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium, 2014, brochure and map showing 34 stone sculptures located around Maine.
A Great Scenic Highway, the motor road to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, brochure, ca. 1932
Drawing by Charles S. Reinhart “On top of Newport Mountain*, Mount Desert”
(1888), published on “Harpers Weekly” vol. XXXII, no. 1654 (*now Champlain Mountain)
Hotels, Inns, Schools, Homes, Buildings
Northeast Harbor
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Seal Harbor
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Bar Harbor
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The Rock End Hotel, booklet published by C. B. Webster & Co., Boston. undated, 16 pages, illustrations and descriptions of MDI and the hotel
Mainland Maine
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Grindstone Inn, Winter Harbor, brochure, ca. 1952
Black House: Maine's most interesting mansion, Ellsworth, brochure, undated Gouldsboro land improvement company's Grindstone inn and lands, Winter Harbor, 1891, 38 unnumbered pages illustrations
Washington Normal School at Machias Maine Fred L. Savage Architect , printed copy of sketch
“Old Wiscasset” booklet
Historical data compiled by William Davis Patterson, August 1931
Printed by “The Times Co.”, Bath, Maine
Mount Desert Island Real Estate Co., share certificate for Geo. C. Ming dated August 23, 1888 for fifteen shares in capital stock.
Maine a Place to Live, unidentified magazine cover, color image of a church Picturesque Maine, an illustrated lecture, Edward C. Sweet, December 16, 1895, pamphlet with illustrations and images.
Stereoview Bar Harbor, photographed and published by B. Bradley
Wall Street Journal article by John Wilmerding on American Art
Cover of "Town of Winter Harbor Maine Annual Report 1988"
Maine Times article on "Maine Summer Colonies" - August 2nd, 1985 "Maine Chapter of the American Institute of Architects" 1991 Design award competition
Article on early history of Mount Desert Island
The Glen Cove, Seal Harbor, brochure about the house and surrounding area, includes map of the island, undated
Seaside Inn, Seal Harbor, brochure, ca. 1952
Seaside Inn, Seal Harbor, brochure, undated
Seaside Inn Menus, 1895
Edenbrook Motel, Bar Harbor, brochure, ca. 1962,
Wonderview Motor Lodge, Bar Harbor, brochure, ca. 1965
Hotel Bar Harbor, brochure, ca. 1952
The Van Doren Cottage at Hulls Cove, Bar Harbor, sale brochure, undated Redwood, Bar Harbor, sketch by John Calvin Stevens, brochure, 1992 Lawrence House, Bar Harbor, printed copy of sketch, September 17, 1883

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Postcard Box 1
Invitation card showing a reproduction of watercolor “Mark and Andrew’s Island from Deer Isle, Maine, 1920” by John Marin (1870-1953). The invitation is to the artist's opening on June 24th, 1998 at the Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville and is sent by the President and Trustees of Colby College and the Museum’s Board of Governors
Several Through Bills of Landing belonging to H. G. Eaton and A. M. Carter:
- Portland, Mt. Desert & Machias Steamboat Co., Dr. to Little Dear Isle (1899,
1900, 1901)
- Bangor & Bar Harbor Steamboat Co., Dr. (1990)
- Islesboro, Castine & Belfast Steamboat Co., Dr. (1902)
1 Invoice: “James A. Robinson & Son. Manufacturers, Sellers & Retail Clothiers”
Bangor, Maine 5/12/1897. Items sold to E. J. Russel
1 Receipt: Bar Harbor, 8/10/1885 for Mr. Lee for the amount of $6.00, signed by
Mr. Ash
2 photos of "Rosserne"
1. Art Building, Bar Harbor
2. High School Building, Bar Harbor
3. Devilstone, Bar Harbor
4. Hardy's Point Shore, Bar Harbor
5. Entrance Kenarden Lodge, Bar Harbor
6. Italian Garden, Bar Harbor
7. The Louisburg, Bar Harbor
8. Malvern Hotel, Bar Harbor
9. Highbrook Cottage, Bar Harbor
10. The Louisburg, Bar Harbor
11. The Tides, Bar Harbor
12. Chatwold, Bar Harbor
13. Sargeant Drive, Northeast Harbor
14. Egg Rock Light, Bar Harbor
15. The Maine Coast from Camden to Bar Harbor 16. Panorama of Bar Harbor
17. Egg Rock Light, Bar Harbor
18. Main St, Southwest Harbor
19. Cong Church, Southwest Harbor
20. Greetings from Northeast Harbor
21. Village Green, Bar Harbor
22. Dirigo House, Southwest Harbor
23. Cottage, Northeast Harbor

24. Main St, Northeast Harbor (ca. 1912)
25. Pastime Theater and Main St, Northeast Harbor, (ca. 1921)
26. Masonic Holmes Building, Northeast Harbor (ca. 1921)
27. Main St, Northeast Harbor (ca. 1912)
28. Mount Desert Rock Light
29. Mt. Desert, Bass Harbor Head Light
30. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
31. Bear Island Lighthouse, Mt. Desert
32. Catholic Church, Bar Harbor
33. Mountain Near Camps, Bar Harbor
34. Union Meeting House 1852, Somesville
35. Bar Harbor in 1874
36. Steamer Cimbria
37. The Walk, Bar Harbor
38. View of Inner Frenchman’s Bay and Boating Co, Bar Harbor
39. Bird eye view of Bar Harbor
40. Docks at Bar Harbor
41. Bar Harbor
42. The Indian Village (ca. 1907)
43. Main St looking North, Bar Harbor (ca. 1909)
44. Rockhurst Motel, Bar Harbor
45. Rock End Hotel, Northeast Harbor
46. A glimpse of Northeast Harbor
47. Northeast Harbor Library
48. The Public Library, Northeast Harbor
49. Cleftstone Manor Motor Inn, Bar Harbor
50. Malvern Hotel, Bar Harbor
51. Main St, Seal Harbor
52. Harbor View from Seaside Veranda, Seal Harbor
53. Skyland, Summer Home of Edsel Ford, Seal Harbor
54. Jordan Pond House, Seal Harbor
55. Main St and Post Office, Seal Harbor
56. Congregational Church, Seal Harbor
57. The Arch Bridge and Sea Cliff Drive, Seal Harbor
58. In the Kennedy Gardens, Bar Harbor
59. Malvern Hotel, Bar Harbor
60. Frenchman's Bay Lodge, Winter Harbor
61. Bar Harbor Panoramic
62. Sargent Drive and Somes Sound, ca. 1920's (Chas. A. Townsend)
63. Birches, Harbourside, Northeast Harbor, Maine
64. Asticou
65. Seal Harbor, Maine
66. Surf on the rocks, Bar Harbor, ME
67. Bear Island Light, Northeast Harbor, ME (Paul A. Knaut)
68. South Bubble Mountain at the North end of Jordan Pond (A.D. Phillips) 69. Surf at Seal Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine

70. Mount Desert from Islesford, ME (1952)
71. Hotel Florence and Village Green, Bar Harbor, ME
72. Kimball House, Northeast Harbor, ME
73. Bar Harbor Airport, Trenton, ME (A, D. Phillips)
74. Path of the Total Eclipse of the Sun in the State of Maine July 20th 1963 5:45pm 75. The flashing red light at Bass Harbor Head, Maine (A. D. Phillips)
76. Captain Jim Sharp's "Adventure" from Camden, Maine (A. D. Phillips)
77. Across the Bay of Fundy
78. Jordan Pond House, Seal Harbor, ME (Chas. A. Townsend)
79. Steamer Norumbega from Mount Desert Ferry to Manset, ME
80 (a+b) Islehurst, Mount Desert Bridge
81. Great Head, Bar Harbor, Maine
82. Thunder Hole Surf, Mt. Desert, Maine
83. Atlantic Comber, Mount Desert Island, Maine
84. Boat Shop at Bass Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine
85. Bar Harbor and Porcupines from Cadillac Mt.
86. Bar Harbor and mountains
87. Fishing boats at Southwest Harbor, Maine
88. Fishing boats at Manset wharf
89. Fishing craft at Southwest Harbor, Maine
90. Appalachian Mt Club, Echo Lake Camp
91. The Rockbound Coast
92 (a+b) Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Mount Desert Island, Maine
93. Congregational Church, Cranberry Isle, Maine (1907)
94. Surf, Mount Desert Island, Maine
95(a-e) Entrance to Somes Sound
96. Southwest Harbor from Manset Shore
97 (a+b) Jesup Memorial Library, Bar Harbor, Maine
98. Rock End Hotel, Northeast Harbor, Maine
99. Webster's Cafe, Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, Maine (1949)
100. Greetings from Bar Harbor
101. Steamer Norumbega, Bar Harbor, Maine
102. The Lobster House, Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, Maine (1940)
103. Christmas Wreath (by Mildred Gilley, Northeast Harbor, Maine)
104. Man in raincoat (I. T. Moore)
105. Steamer Gov. Bodwell in Vinalhaven harbor
106 (a+b) Bar Harbor and mountains
107. Jordan Pond, Mount Desert, Maine (Chas. A. Townsend)
108. Stereoview Schooner Head
109. Stereoview Green Mt. House, Mount Desert
110. Stereoview Mount Desert Scenery
111. Glimpse of Frenchman’s Bay from Cadillac Mountain Summit Road, Bar Harbor, Maine 112. Kimball House, Northeast Harbor, Maine
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