Willie Granston Collection


Willie Granston Collection

Item List:
WGC 1. Incinerating Plant Bar Harbor Maine, Decarie Incinerator Corp, NYC (5 pages) – 2 sets
Elevation, Plot Plan (Central Aye), Operating Floor Plan, Charging Floor Plan
5 pages each set
2 pages from Decarie (1929) about their recent work - Blueprints 
Proposal and Spec Book from Decarie 1929 

WGC 2. Refuse Incinerator, Bar Harbor, April 1957, Metcalf Eddy Engineers, Boston, (2 pages) 4 sets
Plans and Elevations, Sections and details
2 pages each set, 4 sets - Blueprints 

WGC 3. First Naval District US Navy Section Base – Soundings Plan Bar Harbor Maine 8/19/1942
Area off pier leased by US Navy - shows areas under construction
1 sheet - Blueprint

WGC 4. Municipal Storm Sewer Plan Bar Harbor KS Cleaves CE. June 1947
Showing area from Kenarden Gate House, Athletic Field, Ash Street, Ledgelawn
3 sheets blueprint

WGC 5. Plot of Portion of Eden Street Showing Road as Now Constructed and Proposed Changes of Location
No date
Shows electric poles houses, driveways, stables- names: Phillips, Pinchot Cottage, Burnouth, the Willows, Miss Baker, Service, Mrs. U. G. Crocker, A. J. Cassatt, H. L. Eno
Stable Lot
Very long linen roll 1 sheet
Ink on Linen - tear toward end

WGC 6. Proposed Extension Wayman Lane E. W. Hill, CE, Feb. 10, 1912
Names; Evelyn Walsh McLean, shows houses and driveways
Long Linen roll - 1 sheet
Ink on linen

WGC 7. Bar Harbor Airport - General Plan and Profiles
References 7 sheets, only shown, February 1941
Shows existing runways, buildings to be removed, new landing strip, etc.
1 sheet

WGC 8. Proposed Bridle Path from Bowler Lot to Breakneck Bar Harbor 1920 E. W. Hill, CE
Shows Lafayette National Park
I sheet- ink on linen

WGC 9. Proposed Road Improvement of section of Road leading from Salisbury Cove to Norway Drive 1925- E. W. Hill, CE
Shows straightening out road, Shows driveway of R. H. Kittredge
ink on linen 1 sheet

WGC 10. Harbor Airport Property Plan, Trenton
March 21, 1934, H. N. Skofield
Names include: Charles Corson, Rodney Copp, Woodbury Leland, Heirs of Charles Copp, Arthur Stover, Daniel Healy, Marden Dunbar, Frank Dunbar, Jordan River 248 Acres
1 sheet – blueprint

WGC 11. Ellsworth Bar Harbor Road - Buried Cable - 11/24/42 Corrected
1 sheet blueprint

WGC 12. Plot Plan of DeGregoire Park - Filed May 14, 1925 - Plan Book 3, Page 91
Signed E. W. Hill CE
Includes handwritten description of lot
2 sheets, 1 blueprint, 1 paper with pencil writing

WGC 13. Bay View Drive - Salisbury Cove, Offered to Town as Public Way 1940
Names: A. Atwater Kent, Thirlstane Ranch, Mrs. Hamilton, State Highway
1 sheet - ink on linen

WGC 14. Plot Showing Laying out of Proposed Public Way at Bar Harbor, 1920, E. W. Hill CE
Names: Cassino (sic), Evelina Walsh, Seth Hopkins, High School, C. B. Pine, W. Hayward, Chas, Cousins, Elmer Dorr, Est. Chester Hodgkins

WGC 15. Proposed Bridle Path from Break Neck Road to New Mill Meadow, Bar Harbor, Maine 1920, E. W. Hill, 1920
Written in Pencil: Discontinued, Names C. C. Morrison, Willard Cunningham, Brewer Realty Co., Rodick Realty Co., New Eagle Lake Road

WGC 16. Proposed Bridle Path from New Mill Meadow to Corkscrew Hill, Bar Harbor, 1920, E. W. Hill, CE
Names: New Eagle Lake Road, Rodick Realty, Duck Brook, Henderson, Ash, Joy, et al.,
Corkscrew Hill Road
2 sheets total - ink on linen

WGC 17. Survey Made May 4, 1925 showing original lay out of Stanwood Place AD 1905, also plot of lots as surveyed AD 1910 and line of improvement of lots on south side of said Stanwood Place, E. W. Hill, CE
Names include Main Street, Hayward, Bar Harbor Med. and Surgical Hospital
1 sheet, ink on linen

WGC 18. Plot showing Resurvey of Kebo Street, Bar Harbor Maine Aug. 1907 - E. W. Hill CE
On outside of role in pencil written filed Feb. 19, ‘08, Accepted Mar 3, ‘08.
1 sheet ink on linen

WGC 19. Corner of intersection with Main St. and Cromwell Harbor Road
1 sheet pencil on paper

WGC 20. Plan of land on Eden Street, Bar Harbor, Edgar I. Lord, CE. Surveyed 1908, Subdivision Made 1912
Laying out of Michigan Ave. - 21 lots
Names Include Livingston et al., Morse, West, Hamor, Bowles, Cheny
1 sheet blueprint, 4 sheets attached ink on paper with writing

WGC 21. Sketch Showing Location of Kennebec Place also proposed new roads for Entrance and exit to Engine House, Bar Harbor Maine 1912 E. W. Hill C.E.
Names Include: R. H. Kittredge, Village Green, Rodick Realty Go, Stable, 0. Wescott, B. S. Higgins
1 sheet ink on linen

WGC 22. Property Owned by Town of Bar Harbor, Traced by C.A.A. 2/4/41
Shows existing runways, runway under construction, Future runway, proposed runway, future marine railway, house, barn,
1 sheet copied on shiny paper

WGC 23. Section of State Aid Highway No. 8 - Bar Harbor 1925
elevation and layout
graph paper and ink 1 sheet

WGC 24. Proposed Improvement of Brook - Eagle Lake Road and Forest Street, Bar Harbor.
Cleaves & Hill, December 1948
Shows elevations, layout
Mentions: Parsons Residence, Sprague Residence
Second Sheet shows Cross Sections
pencil on graph papers - 2 sheets

WGC 25. Survey and Plat of road known as “Ocean Drive” Eastern Side- Town of Eden 1915- E. W. Hill GE.
Shows layout, long/lat, splits road in two when it gets too long
Mentions: Otter Creek Road, Mt. Desert Nurseries, Geo. B. Dorr, Mrs. John Markoe, N. S. Newbold, Public Reservation, J. C. Livingston, J. Pulitzer (Main Drive, Lodge Drive, Garage Drive), R. P. Bowler, L. N. Kettle, Bingham Est., R. E. Brunno, Anna E. Bliss, Derby Est., C. D. Homans Est., H. L. Satterlee
1 sheet ink on linen

WGC 26. Proposed Spring Road
Shows Park Road, Spring Road, Ash Street, Ledgelawn Ave., School Street, Cromwell Harbor Road
No Date, no name
1 sheet, ink on linen

WGC 27. Plat Showing Re-Survey of Road Leading from “Beaver Dam” to Ellsworth and Somesville Road, Eden Main, 1909, E. W. Hill GE.
Mentions: Heath, Gilbert’s, Roads (2) to Town Hill, Shea Bros., Geo. E. Soper, Road to Salisbury Cove, Road to Ellsworth, Road to Somesville
1 Sheet ink on linen

WGC 28. Proposed Change of Line of State Aid Road No. 7 at Bar Harbor, Survey 1919, E. W. Hill G.E.
Mentions: A. M. McDonald, Watson
2 sheets - 1 ink on linen, 1 ink on paper, rolled together

WGC 29. Layout of Strawberry Hill Road - Plotted Feb. 6, 1934 from notes and plan recorded Aug. 15, 1910
W. G. Hill, C. H. Richardson
Development of Strawberry Hill, Shows Strawberry Hill Road connecting Cromwell Harbor with Pine Ave (which seems to connect near dump). Shows Ledgelawn Avenue Extension, New Road to Incinerator, School Street
1 sheet Ink on linen

WGC 30. Plan of Eagle Lake showing Foliage Rights of the Bar Harbor Water Company, September 1899 Edgar I Lord Surveyor
Shows section of dam with pump house
Shows all of Eagle Lake and pump house/outlet location
Says filed at Clerk’s Office, Eden Maine, September 26, 1899 at 4h20 pm. Attest W. H. Sherman, Town Clerk, Eden

WGC 31. Ledgelawn Cemetery - Survey and Registration War Veterans Graves W. P. A. Project number 665-11-3-77
Shows survey of cemetery and marks locations of veterans of various wars
2 Sheets - blueprints

WGC 32. Laying out of Waldron Road from Spring Street to Ledgelawn
Traced from Map in Office of Mears and Rodick, Title Estate of Mary Shannon, Dated 1902
W. G. Hill Aug. 1927
1 sheet, pencil on trace paper

WGC 33. Fire House - Rough Floor plans
Hand drawn plans of firehouse
Pencil on thick paper, 2 sheets

WGC 34. Bar Harbor Municipal Garage, Ambrose Stevens Higgins, 3-2-47
Full set of drawings, 6 sheets, Maybe for estimating
Blueprints 6 sheets

WGC 35. Plan of Land on West Street, Bar Harbor, As laid out by Edgar I. Lord, September 1907
Development of Billings Ave into 12 lots
3 sheets - 2 blueprints (formerly one sheet, now torn into 2) 1 sheet pencil on paper description

WGC 36. Hand drawn map showing land of Dolliver (35 acres) and Russell (14 acres)
Clearly used as a dump/waste area, references cost per year, cost per car taken from owner’s property, costs of buying vs. renting land. “Take care of fire, truck + pump to hook,” Meadow, Cars burned here, Outside of roll says “Auto Dump”
1 sheet, pencil on paper

WGC 37. Sketch showing exchange of land between Dorr (George) and Town 1931, near incinerator
1 sheet, ink and pencil on paper

WGC 38. Bar Harbor Profile, 1931
Cummings Engs., Profile drawing dated 10-9-31
1 sheet - Really long - pencil on graph paper

WGC 39. Unidentified Garage Building
North elevation, West elevation, frame section
Maybe Arthur McFarland?
1 sheet blueprint

WGC 40. Municipal Storm Sewer Bar Harbor Cromwell Harbor Road - June 1949 K. S. Cleaves, CE.
1 sheet blueprint

WGC 41. Section of State Aid Highway No. 7
East side, Bar Harbor 1922, some dated 1919
Split drawings, top half plan, bottom half profile
Mentions: H. L. Satterlee, High Head, Homans, etc. Schooner Head Road 9 sheets, blueprint

WGC 42. Proposed Town Pier, Working Plan
1 P.D.S. 9-18-40
Existing structures in broken lines
1 sheet blueprint, 2 copies

WGC 43. Proposed Town Pier, Working Plan 2
P.D.S. 9-20.40
Construction details, and sections
1 sheet, blueprint, 2 copies

WGC 44. Municipal Float, Town of Bar Harbor, Construction Details, 3-9-50, Ambrose S. Higgins
3 copies
1 sheet each

WGC 45. Plan of Wharf Privilege for Frank Spratt, Bar Harbor, Edgar I Lord, Civil Engineer
Shows Clark Coal Wharf, Pilings, Original Mean High Tide, Old Dump Wharf, Rodick Realty Co., Nickerson Sprall and Greeley, Laundry
Outside dated 1914
Pencil on Paper - 1 sheet, 2 sheets type on paper notes about meeting, rolled inside

WGC 46. Plan of A Part of West Street Water Front Showing Granted and Proposed Wharf Privileges, Bar Harbor, Edgar I Lord 1914
Shows many wharves/floating stages, corresponded by name and date of reference in record books
1 sheet, ink on linen

WGC 47. Contour Plan -Park at Municipal Wharf - Kenneth S. Cleaves, 12-22-42 Shows park, buildings on shore, and drive ways
1 sheet, blueprint

WGC 48. Reconstruction and Repair, Municipal Pier, Town of Bar Harbor Robert W. Patterson, April 12, 1951
1 sheet, blueprint

WGC 49. Bar Harbor, Examination (soundings of harbor) Nov. 9, 1948 1 sheet, blueprint
Description, Resurvey, Kebo Street
1 sheets, ink on paper, written description

WGC 50. Written estimate for work to improve road leading southerly from Salisbury Cove Signed E. W. Hill
1 sheet

WGC 51. Unknown property description
1 sheet

WGC 52. Letter from Decarie Incinerator to Board of Selectmen, 1929
2 sheets, ink typed on paper

WGC 53. Piece of paper referencing Warranty Deed in Bar Harbor, 1921
1 sheet, pencil on paper

WGC 54. Letter to Seth Libby from J. B. Stuart, New England Telephone and Telegraph accompanying plan
1 sheet, ink on paper

WGC 55. Aerial Photograph of Wingwood House, Bar Harbor
1 sheet, photo

WGC 56. Concrete Bridge on Great Meadow Road, Edgar I. Lord, Civil Engineer No date
1 sheet, blueprint

WGC 57. Proposed Regrading and Realignment of the Gorge Road & Underpass for the Park Motor Road Acadia National Park, Robert W. Patterson, 1940
1 sheet blueprint

WGC 58. Eagle Pond Road Bridge, Welles Bosworth, Architect, 9/10/26 Section, elevation, half plan
1 sheet, blueprint

WGC 59. Plan of Property of Maine Central Railroad Company at Bar Harbor, January 1915
1 sheet, blueprint

WGC 60. Municipal Pier, Bar Harbor, 1941
Shows parking Plan
Signed A. Lawford, 1941
1 sheet, tracing paper, very bad condition

WGC 61: Northeast Harbor, Maine. Drawings of Northeast Harbor icons.
1 sheet (in 2 pieces), black ink on mylar

WGC 62. Caricature of a basketball player, Chopper #40 Bowdoin, Carl 1960
1 sheet, pencil on paper

Rolled and placed in large shallow box: 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36 37, 38, 41, 45, 46, 47, 57, 61, 62
Shelf 5E TOP Rolled: 5, 23, 25
Shelf 5F5: 3, 7, 49, 58
FF E-16 9, 12, 14, 39, 55, 56, 59
FF E-17: 2, 10, 31, 48
FF E-18: 1, 11, 42, 43, 44
FF E-19: 4, 20, 34, 40
Shelf 4B2: Box 1: 1, 12, 20, 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 60

Willie Granston Collection


FF E-25 to FF E-29


“Willie Granston Collection,” Northeast Harbor Library, accessed July 18, 2019, https://nehlibrary.net/digitalarchive/items/show/5967.Item 6887